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Turn to Benchmark Shelving and Storage for all your storage equipment relocation services.

Whether your business has expanded beyond the capacity of the current warehouse setup or you’re simply needing a fresh look to maxamise your existing storage space, Benchmark have experienced and dedicated teams to ensure all your relocation works is conducted in accordance with the scope of works, manufacturer’s specification and meets all requirements for Workplace Health & Safety and the Australian Standards.

We have capacity to relocate any storage or workshop equipment, i.e. Pallet racking systems, shelving, mobile shelving (compactus systems), raised storage areas (Mezz floors), office furniture, cabinets etc. and re install as required at your new workplace.

Alternatively, if the current storage equipment you have is still adequate however the current set up is not quite right, an addition or alternation could be the best and most cost-effective option for you.

Speak with one of our storage specialists today to discuss your storage relocation or whether an alteration is feasible with your existing storage equipment.

Minimize your staff downtime and maximize productivity by engaging Benchmark Shelving and Storage for your upcoming relocation project.

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