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Prioritise Your Business By Sourcing Office Furniture in Brisbane

A business is only as good as its employees; therefore, it’s a wise idea to invest in premium office furniture in Brisbane. Furniture doesn’t only add personality to an office; it’s an essential tool that’s required for productivity to soar. 

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Benefits of Using Adjustable Height Desks

According to office ergonomics, it’s not natural for humans to sit for hours at a time and this is where modern office furniture saves the day. 

Adjustable desks increase productivity levels. As a result of the energy-boosting effects, staff are happier to put extra effort into their daily production. Sitting all day in one position can lead to employees finding their tasks mundane. Having the option to stand or sit adds another dimension to the working environment. 

The health benefits outweigh all other positive traits about these desks. Being able to stand while working helps the human body remain healthy. It prevents and reduces muscle problems, blood circulation, heart risks and back problems. Employees that alternate between sitting and standing will have more energy, reduced fatigue levels, and decreased risk of injury caused by working in one body position for extended periods. 

This type of furniture benefits the total wellbeing of employees. In a seven-week study, users of height-adjustable desks experienced less stress and fatigue compared to those who worked seated every day. Furthermore, 87% of those who used standing desks said they felt more energetic overall. Conversely, when they were asked to go back to their old work desks, their moods declined, returning to the levels they felt before the study.

Related Products We Provide To Office Chairs

As an independent supplier, we provide solutions beyond office furniture. 

Aside from office chairs and furniture, we also help businesses with storage solutions such as shelving, pallet racking, and workbenches. Many options within the racking service and shelving service are available to help organise your business and increase productivity in the workplace. 

General office furniture is available to upgrade your business. We have a range of products that can help boost the morale of your employees by providing a healthy work environment. Filing cabinets and lockers which help stow away document files or staff belongings are also available as part of the office furniture service. 

We also provide relocation services to businesses that are expanding beyond their current capacity, or just moving around to maximise your existing space. Our staff ensure that your entire storage system or furniture is removed carefully and installed as required at your new premises. 

About Benchmark Shelving and Storage 

Although still a young business, Benchmark Shelving and Storage is fast becoming a reputable name in the industry. One of our pillars is customer service. We strive to deliver the best customer service, where we understand your needs and meet them. Benchmark holds all relevant Work Cover, Public and Product Liability insurances and Work Health and Safety Compliance Management System. We also have a current Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Licence which is a legislated requirement in Queensland for any businesses working with pallet racking.

If you are looking to save on space and install any storage facility, Benchmark is the name to trust. Our friendly staff will ensure you get the best, cost-effective deal for you while securing a reliable product. Perhaps you’re looking to improve the furniture around your office or just move it around to gain space, contact Benchmark Storage and Shelving.

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