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Mesh Deck


Mesh decks are a great pallet rack decking solution offering up to 3 times greater load carrying capabilities that the alternatives like particle board and grating. Mesh decks provide up to 70% open ensuring fire compliance with the added benefit of reducing unwarranted dust build up and greater visibility and light to through the pallet racking. Mesh decks also deliver flexibility with pallet locations with the ability to store standard and nonstandard pallets in the same pallet racking bays.

Mesh Decks are easily installed on to all racking brands by simply sitting over the pallet racking beams, [normally 2 per beam level]. each mesh deck holding up to 1000kg UDL.


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1250mm x 609mm, 1350mm x 609mm, 1250mm x 840mm, 1350mm x 840mm, 1250mm x 1219mm, 1350mm x 1219mm


  • Mesh decks enhances the flexibility of Pallet Racking and offers:
  • Easy handling & installation
  • Safety, cleanliness & hygiene
  • Durability Mesh Decks are galvanised ensuring years of rust protection and do not absorb liquids or humidity from the air like boards can.
  • Low maintenance
  • More natural light & visibility
  • fire resistant
  • Increased locations
  • Reduction in pallet hire costs
  • Allows faster sprinkler activation and more effective water penetration
  • 70% open area supports ESFR sprinkler compliance


Depth: 609mm 840mm 1219mm
Capacity: 1000kg 1000kg 700kg
Width:  1250mm, 1350mm 1250mm, 1350mm 1250mm, 1350mm
Hole size: 100mm x 50mm 100mm x 50mm 100mm x 50mm
Supports: 3 4 4
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