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Heavy Duty Workbench

Heavy Duty Work Bench Brisbane

Benchmark Shelving and Storage Can Supply and Install a Heavy-Duty Work Bench in Brisbane

Benchmark Shelving and Storage is a proudly family-owned and operated business supplying and installing high quality storage systems for offices, warehouse and industrial usage like our heavy-duty workbench in Brisbane. Our heavy-duty workbenches live up to the name with the durability needed to withstand heavy loads and handle everything you need them to. Our professional and experienced team will go the extra mile to put the success of a project first for our customers.

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Benefits of Work Benches from Benchmark Shelving and Storage

Our premium high-quality heavy-duty workbenches are a fantastic way to boost productivity while keeping a safe organised workspace your warehouse or industrial site. Our heavy-duty Workbench can be tailored to suit individual needs while providing greater versatility than conventional benches. Whether you choose stationary or mobile, or choose from our extensive selection of flexible accessories, you can design a workbench that exactly suits your requirements. Here are a few of the major benefits of our heavy-duty workbenches:

Boscotek Heavy Duty Workbenches help you optimise performance in the workplace by providing efficient, multi-functional and ergonomic workspaces which significantly improve productivity, space maximisation and produce a safer working environment.

With various benchtop options, welded frame assembly constructed from thick tubular steel and heavy-duty levelling feet, you can count on our Australian made heavy-duty workbenches to stand up to the tough jobs you need to get done. These workbenches have the capacity to hold an impressive static UDL distributed load of 1 Tonne on the bench top.

Our range of BOSCOTEK industrial workbenches includes motorised height-adjustable options. Some work is easier to perform when you are standing while other work can be better done sitting down. With a HiLo workbench, you can change the height of the bench with the touch of a button.

What Sets Benchmark Shelving and Storage Apart Regarding a Workbench in Brisbane

The quality of our storage and shelving solutions sets us apart from the rest. When you come to us for your office, industrial, warehouse and even residential needs, you can expect:

We offer a wide selection of items designed to meet the equally wide requirements of our customers. From office furniture to workbenches for every application and more, you can count on our selection.

With our delivery and installation services, we can get your new workbench or other items to your location and ready for you to use.

We provide real world workbench solutions to suit various budgets and applications.

Why Benchmark Shelving and Storage Heavy Duty Work Bench is Cost-Effective

With our diverse range of storage systems and solutions sourced from some of the most trusted brands and suppliers in the industry, we have options to fit any budget while meeting the needs you might have. You can count on our experienced and professional team to offer unbiased advice. We work for you and not a single manufacturer. If you are interested in learning more about our high quality workbenches or any of our other products, contact us today to request a quote.

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