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Pallet Racking Systems

Businesses Should Invest in Pallet Racking in Brisbane

No warehouse should be without pallet racking in Brisbane. An essential part of warehouse infrastructure, pallet racking allows businesses to maximize space and optimize warehouse organization for efficiency and a streamlined picking process. 

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Benefits of the Pallet Racking System

In this modern age, goods pass through the distribution cycle faster than before. Thus, an efficient storage system is required to handle the demand. 

Make better use of limited storage space. Why spend more money to add square feet to a warehouse when you could be utilizing wasted vertical space? Going vertical with racks helps alleviate this problem and provides a storage system that’s easy to use whilst delivering a more cost-effective storage solution for a business.

Not all warehouses have the exact same needs. We have a wide range of pallet racking options to enable you to customize your warehouse to fit your specific situation.

Improve inventory control and productivity by using the correct pallet racking system. Correct racking enables you to keep better track of all goods eliminating lost pallets or pallets left past their expiration date.

This system is the ultimate in flexible, efficient, expandable, durable, technologically-supported inventory tracking and storage.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Pallet Racking

A visit to any storage facility or warehouse would ensure an encounter with some form of pallet racking. There are various types; however, every system is designed specifically to meet the needs of that facility. Unfortunately, sometimes the process is rushed, and mistakes occur. Avoid this costly mistake and contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Choosing the wrong size. Without guidance, it’s easy to select a system that isn’t suitable for your premises or your product, equipment and employees. Installing racking that’s too tall for your forklift or too narrow for staff to work efficiently, could result is a waste of time and money. 

Installing according to your exact requirements. As opposed to the old saying of ‘less is more’, investing more than you need for storage will be handy. The sudden need for more storage may arise, and you don’t want to be short in this area. 

Going cheap or buying second hand racking without knowing the history or specifications around the pallet racking is always a risk and although you may save money in that instance, installing cheap pallet racking will cost you in the long run. Take the time to shop around and invest in racking that is compatible with your requirements and ensure that it meets the latest Australian Standards for Pallet Racking.  

You can avoid all these common mistakes by consulting someone that has knowledge of storage systems and how they work. 

Why Trust Benchmark Salvage and Storage Regarding Pallet Racking

Established in 2016, Benchmark Shelving and Storage has since developed a strong reputation in the industry. While the family-run business is relatively young, the experience of our staff is invaluable. Our team have many years in the industry and are professional but approachable, striving to deliver a high-quality product and customer service every day. We’re an independent reseller and not affiliated to any brand and therefore provide our clients with the best possible solutions without bias. 

With countless deliveries, installations and successful projects completed Benchmark Shelving and Storage is here to provide suitable Pallet Racking solutions for your business. As extra reassurance all our Pallet Racking has been tested to and fully complies with latest Australian racking code AS 4084. We also hold a current Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Licence (15043909) which is a legislated requirement for anyone carrying out Pallet Racking scope of works. Simply contact us if you’re ready to save space at your warehouse.