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Plastic Rack Armour


Rack Armour is great selection for Pallet Racking Upright protection. With the outer casing made from high density polyethylene and the inner from closed cell polyethylene foam the compact curved edge design deflects the impact away from the rack face, while the inner foam acts to reduce inertia from any impact and diffuses the force along the whole length of the unit (600mm).

Rack Armour is also available in various sizes to fit majority of Pallet Racking brands and styles.

Rear upright protection, posts and warehouse buffers are also available.

Rack Armour meets the standards set down for racking protection devices in FEM 10.2.02


  • Ergonomic design and close fit ensure minimal intrusion into pallet space
  • State of the art materials effective down to – 40 degrees – cold store safe
  • No drilling, no fixings or bolts to be ripped off or to damage floors or racking
  • Designed to have persistence of shape to ensure ongoing protection
  • High visibility yellow as standard with any colour available (subject to min)
  • Fully transferable if you have a re-fit or move premises
  • Three sizes to ensure Rack Armour will fit most types of racking
  • Installs in seconds, simply “clips” onto your existing racking
  • Impervious to acid, alkali, mould, rust and most solvents
  • Fully tested for front and side impacts
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